Roman Blind Making Workshop

August 23rd & 24th at Stiwdio 3, Cardigan
10.30am – 4.30pm
£135 for 2 day course

On this two day workshop with Deborah Roberts you will create some beautiful Roman blinds to fit your window perfectly.

Book Aug 23rd and 24th

Roman blinds are a fabulous solution to furnishing the windows of any room. It is easy to be put off from having a go at making your own Roman blinds because there seem to be a few complicated steps involved. But once Deborah has given you a method of how to work out the finished pleat depth for a given depth of window, and taken you through the necessary steps for creating the blind itself, you will be happy to tackle them by yourself.
You will need to have measured and know the size of your window precisely. Please add 10 centimetres to the length and 5 centimetres to the width of your window measurement for  the correct size for when you buy your fabric.
If you are able to bring a photograph of the window, this may be really useful. It is worth knowing before the workshop day itself whether you want the blind to hang inside the frame or outside.  If you are setting the blind on the outside of the recess, it is worth thinking about whether there is anything that may be an obstacle to the blind hanging down straight and flat, for instance a window fastening jutting out beyond the fall of the blind. There may be something precluding you from setting the blind higher than the window frame itself.
The component parts for your blind will be supplied on the day (£30 included in your ticket price). This includes: fixings at the top, rods to raise the blind in folds, cord and eyelets for the threading of the cord.
A plentiful supply of tea is provided. Cake and/or lunch can be purchased on the day of your workshop from the Stiwdio 3 café if you wish.