Recycled Metal Wreaths and Flowers

Friday November 29th 6-8pm / Tuesday December 10th 11am-1pm
Buy one get one half price!

Learn to make recycled metal flowers and festive wreaths with Susan.

Join Susan Bain in creating pots of metal flowers and mini Christmas wreaths using recycled drinks cans, copper wire, buttons, beads and guitar strings!
You will be cutting and scoring the soft metal to create beautiful flowers and leaves to be arranged as a bouquet, in a pot or to adorn a mini wreath. The pots are approximately 13cm tall and the wreaths approximately 10cms in diameter.
Ideal for Christmas presents the wreaths, especially, look gorgeous as a tree decoration.
The making process results in sharp edges and we may be using a hot glue gun.

Age 12+. Teas provided. Other drinks and food are available to purchase from the cafe should you wish.

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