Quill, Chill and Chat with Anne Straker

Thursday 29th August at Stiwdio 3, Cardigan
10.30am – 12.30pm

Quilling is a relaxing and inexpensive past time. You will see different quilling techniques and develop the one of your choice to produce a card/picture, learning how to create additional shapes for interest and to enhance your design.

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Quilling (often referred to as paper filigree) is a relaxing past-time that can be enjoyed from the age of 7 upwards so ideal for mums and daughters to spend quality time together to create a family piece of work. This art form has been around for hundreds of years and was taught to young ladies in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Jane Austin mentions it in one of her books!

While enjoying each others company, you will learn some of the different techniques such as rolling, fringing, comb work and using pin boards and there will be plenty of time to chat whilst you are quilling.

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