Childrens Decorating Tote Bags

February 15th / 17th / 19th 

Macrame Wall Hanging

February 19th

Childrens Stick Weaving

February 20th

Childrens Totem Making

February 20th

Kids Arti Parti Plant

February 21st

Quilling Daffodils

February 25th / 27th

Make a Purse

February 28th / April 26th

Macrame Plant Hangers

March 4th / 18th

Beginner Stained Glass

March 7th / April 17th / June 20th

Felted Quirky Bird

March 6th / October 3rd

Lino Cutting

March 8th / June 28th

Stained Glass Heart

March 21st

Mother's Day Marbling

March 22nd (Mother’s Day) / April 18th / June 14th / August 2nd

Beginner Creative Writing

March 22nd and monthly dates thereafter

Drum Lampshade

March 29th / April 26th

Adults Arti Parti

April 4th

Traditional Welsh Quilting

April 11th & 12th / November 7th & 8th

Coptic Bookbinding - Memory Book

April 19th / September 13th

Large Ornamental Lampshade

May 23rd and 24th

Square Sketchbook - Bookbinding

May 24th / September 27th

Drawing with Wool

June 6th & 7th

Casebound Bookbinding

June 28th / October 25th

Make a Coat from Welsh Wool Tweed

October 17th – 19th 2020