Quilling – Card Making

February 21st

Quilling – Daffodil Making

February 24th / 28th

Beginner Sewing

February 25th
March 2nd
April 20th

Carve a Silver Ring

February 28th then twice-monthly dates thereafter

Make your own Mosaic Trivet

February 28th / March 7th

Upholster a Milking Stool

March 8th 
November 2nd 

Flower Crowns

March 9th / 14th

Make a Spring Unlined Coat

March 8th – 13th 
November 22nd – 27th 

Yarn Wrap Art

March 15th 

Salvage the Selvedge

March 12th / 16th

Traditional Welsh Quilt

March 16th & 17th 
November 9th & 10th 

Hand Embroidery

March 18th
April 16th

Flower Arranging

March 28th

Coptic-Bound Keepsake Bookbinding

March 30th
July 8th 


March 31st Monoprint 
April 14th Drypoint 
May 12th Collograph

Technical Sewing

April 6th – 8th 
September 28th – 30th 

Felted Quirky Bird

April 13th 
October 26th 

Drawing with Wool

May 23rd & 24th 

Tweed Fold Top Bag

May 18th & 19th 
September 14th & 15th 

Floral Felt Making

June 1st & 2nd 

Plant and Eco Dyeing

June 29th 
October 12th 

Square bookbinding

October 5th 

Make a Coat from Welsh Wool Tweed

October 18th – 21st 

Design, Cut and Print

November 16th & 17th 

Download a pdf of our current workshops here.