iPad Art

August 22nd

Kids' Super Hero Workshop

August 22nd / September 2nd

Boro Beads

August 25th

Needle Felt a Picture

August 23rd

Journey Journal

August 26th 

Carve a Silver Ring

August 29th then twice-monthly dates thereafter

Kids Paint with Food

August 30th


Lino Cutting – September 15th / December 15th 
Collagraph – October 27th 
Drypoint – November 24th 

Indigo Dyeing and Shibori

September 28th/29th

Technical Sewing

September 28th – 30th 

Quill, Chill and Chat

August 29th

Creative Writing Course

September 15th

Textile Story Flags

September 28th

Square bookbinding

October 5th 

Paper Marbling

October 11th

Plant and Eco Dyeing

October 12th 

Felted Quirky Bird

October 18th

Hand Embroidery

October 18th

Make a Coat from Welsh Wool Tweed

October 18th – 21st 

Traditional Welsh Quilt

November 9th & 10th 

Design, Cut and Print

November 16th & 17th 

Make a Spring Unlined Coat

November 22nd – 27th