Monoprinting and Textiles Workshop with Elin Vaughan Crowley

June 7th at Stiwdio 3, Cardigan
1pm – 3pm

Sketch and print a welsh icon – the teacup, and combine it with your favourite material to create an original and unique work of art.

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This workshop is suitable for complete beginners or more experienced artists. Time to relax and experiment with different materials and let your creativity take over to create a completely original work of art. You are welcome to bring materials of your choice and an object to sketch – but these are also provided if this isn’t possible. Bringing your own will make it more personal. A spacious work area is allocated to each student along with their own set of tools to use while they’re here. A plentiful supply of tea is provided. Cake and/or lunch can be purchased on the day of your workshop from the Stiwdio 3 café if you wish.

Original quote in Welsh from a teacher at a school with 20 in the classroom:

“Cafwyd gweithdy gwych gan Elin. Roedd y plant o’r funud cyntaf yn brysur ac yn weithgar.
Cafwyd gyfle i drio nifer o dechnegau ac Elin yn gweithio yn dda iawn hefo plant y dosbarth
cyfan. Mae’r plant wedi mwynhau yn fawr a pob un hefo darnau unigryw o waith i fynd

English translation – “We had an excellent workshop with Elin. The children were busy and occupied from the the
minute they started. They had the opportunity to try different and new techniques and Elin worked
well with the whole classroom. The children thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and everyone
produced an original work of art.”

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