Boro Beads with Imogen Mills

August 25th at Stiwdio 3, Cardigan
2 – 4pm

Hand stitching workshop making beads or brooches out of scraps of fabric.

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Boro stitch is a well celebrated Japanese method of stitching to strengthen worn out cloth, traditionally seen as white running stitch on indigo cloth. In this workshop you will work with scraps of indigo fabric, rolling into beads shapes and then stitching them to hold them in place, building structure and securing the edges. Next you will add decoration in different colours developing the running stitch. It may be that only one bead is made during this workshop depending on the level of detail, but these skills can be taken home and your project developed. It may be that you will want to make this into a single brooch to adorn your clothes. But a couple of hours sitting round a table hand stitching is what’s in order, swapping stories, sharing ideas.

Imogen Mills is a contemporary hand weaver, painter and community artist.

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