Beginner Creative Writing with Lorraine Ambers

19th of April / 17th of May / 28th of June / 19th of July / 16th of August
11am – 4pm

Learn how to create beautiful stories with author Lorraine Ambers. 

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Come and join the Creative Writing Workshop at Stiwdio 3 to rekindle your passion for writing, or to build a new skill. This workshop is for would-be, aspiring or stuck writers looking for inspiration to start putting words onto the page.

Relax for a moment, and get creative over a cup of tea or coffee whilst having fun by doing something just for you. Step away from your normal routine and immerse yourself in the art of storytelling. Stiwdio 3 is a great place to connect with fellow writers and build relationships with likeminded people.

The workshop is designed to build your confidence, teaching you the tools to develop your writing. Lorraine offers support, advice and gentle feedback. The workshops give budding writers the opportunity to explore their own ideas and to find their own voice.

Workshops run for 5 hours, which includes a short lunch break. Stiwdio 3 provides space to write and a cafe to purchase something delicious to eat. There is no need to prepare anything in advance, just come along with a pen and notebook.

Each month is based around a new theme, so you’re always experiencing something different. You can purchase six sessions for the price of five. So why not commit to your future development and book your workshops in advance?

It is the perfect time to unleash your hidden talent.