Botanical Felt Making with Ruth Packham

September 8th & 9th at The National Botanic Garden of Wales
Two day workshop £330

Join us for a weekend of botanical felt making at the National Botanic Garden of Wales. We love to develop new courses with our tutors and we think you’ll love this one! A whole weekend of walking, sketching, observing and felt making with needle felter Ruth Packham.

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Course Description

Taking two days with Ruth (and having the run of the National Botanical Gardens of Wales) you will be able to both get a glimpse of the creative realm Ruth inhabits in terms of thought process, design ideas, conceptual concerns, selection of images, learning from and being guided by her through your own creative journey in the process AND have access to vast amounts of inspiration from the gardens themselves to produce your own photographs, drawings and ultimately piece of botanical felt work.

What will the course involve?

Day one: Saturday 8th September

After a short introduction from Ruth about her own ideas, processes and work, you will be let loose on the gardens themselves with camera and sketchbook to gather ideas.

Then after lunch you will begin to develop your ideas, collating and looking at what inspired you in the gardens.

Ruth will guide you through the creative process of how to simplify your visual ideas into those that can be made into a felted sculpture.

By the end of the day you will have a clear plan ready to begin felt making on day two.

Day two: Sunday 9th September

Ruth, with samples which she has made, will demonstrate how to construct elements of your sculpture: showing felt making techniques. Having chosen your wool you will begin to make your felt sculpture.

You will be shown both wet and dry felting techniques and be provided with all the materials needed.

Wet felting can be a fairly physical process and involves water and soap. No previous felt making experience is needed but patience is essential.

The two days encompasses drawing, photography, design and felt making.

The Venue

We have chosen the National Botanic Garden of Wales so that you can tap into the wealth of inspiration which will be there for you to draw from for your botanic sculpture. The booking price includes your entry into the gardens for the whole weekend, so you are free to look around and gather ideas in any of the garden attractions.

I visited the gardens in November when it was really frosty but in September the glasshouse will be luxurious and warm and there will be many a tropical flower and plant for you to sketch or photograph.

We will be in the Aqualab situated right beside the lake. The two rooms have plenty of space, sinks and all of the facilities we will need to sculpt our botanic pieces.

We will head over to the garden café at lunchtime where you can buy your lunch (or if you prefer you could bring your own). We will supply refreshments of teas, coffees, biscuits and cake to keep you going in the Aqualab during the weekend.


If you would like to join us for the weekend and would like to stay then there are many lovely places to stay in the area. You could head over to our recommendations on the accommodation page. We will be very near to Wrights Food Emporium which is in the next village and we can highly recommend them as a venue and also they do the most superb food!

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Our tutor Ruth